Skills Development and Empowerment

A vital aspect of the restoration process includes empowering and equipping with skills and opportunities to the most vulnerable youth and women groups. This is done so that each of the identified beneficiary is empowered and enabled to access job opportunities, start a business, or continue with schooling to be able to function independently and have hope for a better future. Hope Iwacu Initiative is encouraged to provide skills development workshops as well as individualized training. A group of 28 young mothers from Matwari cell, ndera sector are being assisted in developing their tailoring business. Today this team is empowered and they have raised their business compared to the previous situation. They can full fill their daily bread and meeting school expenses of their children. In addition, Hope Iwacu Initiative also assists a team of marginalized group commonly knowns as Abatwa in Mubumbano cell, Kagano sector, Nyamasheke district.

This is a marginalized group that historically regarded as the most forgotten group of Rwandan communities. Though the government of Rwanda encourages them for an inclusive support, the Abatwa women and children tend to miss out. They lack access to financial support services and their children have got limited access to education as well. Hope Iwacu Initiative in collaboration with Kagano sector, plans to keep supporting such a vulnerable group of women with piggery rearing (rotational) and also supporting their children through a home a based early childhood development approach. Besides livestock support, cooperative formation and management skills including enterprenuerialship and Life skills development training sessions are customized to the target audience.