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School club establishments to eradicate all barriers to their academic & socio -economic development

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This is an outreach activity that was Conducted by Hope Iwacu initiative in collaboration with Strive foundation Rwanda, a local Rwandan NGO in conjunction with Human Help Network. 10 schools from Nyamasheke and Rusizi District were represented in a 3-day Seminar. The specific objectives of the workshop were set as follows:

  • to provide the club leaders with background on general education in Rwanda and more understanding on how Hope Iwacu Initiative works to empower young girls and boys at infancy stage in understanding their rights and also suggesting solutions to their problems including the eradication of human trafficking in their surroundings,

  • to train the club leaders into skills to carry out the empowerment activities,

  • to develop  action plans to strengthen school clubs in ten (10) selected schools of Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts.

The above methodology was done through theatrical performances and drama as a way of provoking the community to be part of the solution to the barriers that affect their academic & socio- economic development.

Results noted:

  • Participants received and learnt new methods, skills and techniques to empower boys and girls

  • Participants acquired knowledge to know how to implement YEWE! clubs

  • Members were expertly trained to be able to train others without watering down information

  • They were able to learn and share experiences with other schools

  • Learnt how to involve more communities in the YEWE! program

  • Learnt YEWE! skills

  • They learnt  more about sexual reproductive health and rights, drug abuse including human trafficking related matters

hopeSchool club establishments to eradicate all barriers to their academic & socio -economic development

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